Tributes to Deacon Rupert Downs

Rupert Downs served the New Testament Church of God here in Burton for over 55 years. He served faithfully as a Church Officer, Deacon with numerous Pastors. He also served in many other roles including Musician, Maintenance Officer, Caretaker, Minibus Driver, Finance Officer, Cleaner, and Meeter and Greeter. 

He was a very warm and friendly member of the Church, respected and loved by Church members, people within the wider community and also people within the local community around the church. 

We are saddened at the recent passing of our dear brother. Rupert Downs will be greatly missed by all members, friends of the church and visitors. 

We are pleased to have tributes from the leadership of our church as we continue to pray for the Downs family.

Until we meet again, may his soul ever rest in eternal peace.

Pastor P Thompson and NTCG Burton members


I first met brother Rupert Downs on Sunday morning 2nd April 1978 when I came to take over the pastorate of Sydney Street. He was one of the three Deacons of the Church. The others being Brothers Campbell and Jackson. They were all very reliable and trustworthy men, who were respected not only by members of the church but by the community as a whole. Brother Downs and I had a very good relationship and during the first few months of my commuting to Burton, his home, in Goodman Street, was where I stayed  with my family and was refreshed.

Brother Rupert was a very useful brother who always made sure that the church was warm, by taking care of the heating system. Living nearest to the church, he almost took on the roll of caretaker and sometimes would report on anything that would need doing. He also loved his guitar and would take it to church to accompany the tambourines as the church was not gifted with many musicians in those days. He was one of many drivers who drove the church van, sometimes picking up children for Sunday School and taking us to various church meetings.

He seems to have kept excellent health because over the years that I have known him I had never heard him complain of any illness. But since about two to three years back it was noticeable that something was not quite right. Over the last year or so, because of covide-19, I was not able to see him; I could only make the occasional phone call. After hearing of his passing on Saturday 13th of February, both Sister Channer called the next day to offer our condolences.

I am deeply saddened at the loss of my dear Brother and Friend and my prayers are with the family at this difficult time. May his soul Rest In Eternal Peace.

Church Leadership - The Channers

We are so sorry to hear that we lost Rupert Downs. We grew together over 30 years in the same Church, he loved playing his guitar and he was a good family friend.

Rupert was friendly to everyone, always had a smile on his face, was well known to the neighbours in the area, and would help anyone he could. 

He was always working, doing something, whether at home or church and was always out and about. 

Our Church has lost someone that cannot be replaced, people like Rupert are rare, we as a family will surely miss his friendly chats and his smile, which is what he always greeted you with.

Rupert you served well, rest in peace until we meet again.

Church Secretary/Deacon: The Jones family